Less and Less

Personal Minimalism

The book is about the psychology of personal minimalism. It uses research and aspects of the author’s own life to discuss the tendency to be minimalist in your possessions, your home, and any space you occupy. Why are some people like this? How does this tendency affect other aspects of their life? Relationships, consumerism, happiness? And how is it all related to perfectionism, control, and solitude? How do minimalists benefit from their actions? What are the advantages and disadvantages of striving to live sparely?

I tend to be of a minimalist’s mindset both in terms of ‘hanging on to stuff’ as well as how I think. I like to think systematically, effectively reducing redundancy and inefficiency where I can. I enjoyed this book because it offered a window into the mind of another, with many overlapping values. Whether you are a minimalist or not, this is a great exploration into the ‘why’, with examples along the way which will prompt you to justify some of your own choices, and may even inspire you to change them.

— Amazon.ca review

This book by a minimalist about being a minimalist is short. Go figure. It was well written and honest. I appreciated the insights into how the tendency to de clutter extends to relationships. It has made me turn the microscope on myself. Thanks!

— Amazon.ca review

originally published 2013; republished 2023

xiii, 73 pages
paperback $8 | ebook $3